About Us

Urban Art – From Object to Atmosphere

Urban Art is a unique concept in the interior design industry. We are a comprehensive art and accessory resource for up-scale interior designers. Our collection is unrivaled, gathered over the course of many years and a result of searching the world for the most beautiful and unique objects.

Almost a decade ago we noticed that interior designers working on luxury homes always had difficulty finding the right finishing touches. They were routinely disappointed in the quality and variety of products available and, most importantly, were spending much of their time on the least profitable aspect of the design job – accessorizing.

With this in mind we began traveling the world, accumulating antiques, furniture and accessories of different origins and styles.

Having experienced the excitement and financial benefits that our unique accessories and services have created for our customers, we are confident that more designers can likewise benefit from our value proposition. To this end we have significantly increased and improved our collection.

The result is the most complete assortment of outstanding accessories available in the market. Our mission is to be a one-stop stop for upscale interior designers. They will love what they find here, and so will their clients!

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